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MPB Team

Manuel Pucha

Victor Hugo Pucha
Pastry Chef-Owner

Cristian Pucha
GM-Beverage Director-Owner



All for one, and one for all...

Deleg, Ecuador - New York, NY USA

The Brothers Pucha began their culinary adventure in Deleg, Ecuador. Manuel began to cook for his 7 siblings at an early age, while his mother was running her local restaurant. Manuel went to art school, in Guayaquil to study painting, while his brothers Cristian and Victor attended high school. When the whole family moved to New York, Manuel found himself working at Steak Frites in New York City. He became enamored with the flavors, colors, textures, techniques and limitless possibilities that the culinary world had to offer. He expanded his knowledge and skills around Manhattan, working at La Goulue and Orsay. His brothers, now joining him on this adventure, Victor honing his craft as a pastry chef at Brasserie Du Cognac and Cristian learning the front of the house, and bartending at Le Colonial while attending sommelier classes.

New York, NY - Houston, Texas

An opportunity to join the opening team at Bistro Moderne, in Houston, split the brothers apart and an excited Manuel headed to Texas to tackle new challenges. Bistro Moderne reunited Manuel with chefs Philippe Schmit and Jose Hernandez, who had all worked together in NYC. When Phillippe opened his namesake restaurant in the Galleria area, Manuel joined him as Executive Sous Chef. When the restaurant transitioned to Table on Post Oak, Manuel was promoted to Executive chef. As the restaurant transitioned into it's French-inspired persona as La Table, Manuel continued to earn accolades for his innovative food, updating French classics and adding nuances from his Ecuadorian heritage.

Fast Forward 

Maison Pucha Bistro is the culmination of Chef Manuel's 25 year culinary journey. Securing a location in Houston's historic Heights neighborhood, Manuel, Cristian and Victor have reunited in the true sense of fraternité, to open their very own restaurant to showcase their talents and vision of true hospitality. We hope you will join us and be a part of something, truly special...